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  • Facts Did You Know

    101 Fun Facts Did You Know? That will Blow Your Mind

    101 Fun Facts Did You Know The World 101 Fun facts did you know for Kids on Nature, Science, Plants, Light, Birds and Flowers. For some people useless information, for others, interesting, amazing and interesting fun facts on science make the world an exciting and inspiring place. Are you one of those people who are good at gathering unexpected insights? If so, be prepared to surprise you with these interesting facts did you know. It requires 8 […] More

  • Fun Facts on Human Body

    Amazing Facts on Human body

     Facts on Human body Amazing Facts on Human Body- Eyes The natural eye flickers a normal of 4,200,000 times each year. Female flicker almost twofold the amount of as men. Your eyes centre around 50 distinct items consistently. Your eyes can recognize around 10 million distinct shadings. The normal human nods off shortly. If you […] More

  • Amazing facts about The Animals



    51 Amazing Facts About Animal

    Amazing Facts About Animal Elephants are the lone creatures that can’t hop. Facts about Animal. Butterflies taste with their feet. A hippo can open its mouth sufficiently wide to fit a 4-foot tall kid inside! Subsequent to eating, a housefly spews its food and afterwards eats it once more! Canines and felines, similar to people, […] More

  • india facts culture

    Top 35 Amazing Facts about India- Based on Culture and Pride

     Facts About India Here we present the Top 25 Amazing Facts about India You Probably Don’t Know Yet India facts culture. Facts Related to India. Facts Unknown About India According To Culture India is that the world’s largest, oldest, continuous civilization. When several cultures were solely peregrine forest dwellers over 5000 years agone, Indians established […] More

  • quotes with deep meaning

    Top 5 Amazing Facts about Space And Time

    Amazing Facts about Space & Time Space and time area unit 2 very sophisticated, however nonetheless terribly attention-grabbing things to be told concerning. The additional we all know concerning it, the additional attention-grabbing each of these become. Here area unit some of our scientists’ findings concerning these very sophisticated things of our universe. I assure […] More

  • Asian Vs African Elephants

    Asian Vs African Elephant 

     Asian Vs African Elephants Asian Vs African Elephants. Elephants are the biggest vertebrate on the earth. These species are sorted into two: The Asian elephant- The Asian elephant is the largest land mammal on the Asian continent. They inhabit dry to wet forest and grassland habitats in 13 range countries spanning South and Southeast Asia. […] More

  • helium atomic number

    What is Helium?

    (He)What is Helium?   Definitions: Helium is a compound component with the image He and nuclear number 2. It is a Colorless, Odorless, Tasteless, Non-harmful, latent, monatomic gas, the first in the honourable gas bunch in the occasional table. Its edge of boiling over is the least among every one of the components. Helium Protons […] More