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  • tit for tat best short moral stories

    Possible became impossible – Greed Moral Stories

    Possible became impossible Greed Moral Stories Quite a long time ago there was an energetic lord who needed to see his kin glad and fulfilled. One day ruler rose early and went to the patio to breathe in the crisp morning air, “Abruptly, he found a homeless person who was passing by close to his […] More

  • Moral story for kids in English

    Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee-Which are you?

    Carrots Eggs and Coffee Moral story for kids in English A missy visited her mother and told her regarding her life and the way things were therefore onerous for her. She failed to savvy she was about to create it and wished to relinquish up. She was uninterested in fighting and troubled. It appeared as […] More

  • The Minister's Black Veil

    The Minister’s Black Veil- Summary & Analysis

    The Minister’s Black Veil By Nathaniel Hawthorne “The Minister’s Black Veil” is a short story composed by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was first distributed in the 1836 version of The Token and Atlantic Souvenir, altered by Samuel Goodrich. It later showed up in Twice-Told Tales, an assortment of short stories by Hawthorne distributed in 1837. The […] More

  • Brown Wolf By Jack London

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    Brown Wolf By Jack London

    Brown Wolf By Jack London With Question-answer Class 6 Brown Wolf story Questions Answers Question 1: Why did Madge and Walt have to work so hard to win over the dog? Answer: Madge and Walt needed to make a solid effort to prevail upon the canine since he was truly unsociable. He additionally didn’t permit […] More




    The God Of River-NCERT Class 3 English Story

    The God Of River NCERT Solution For Class 3 English Once there was a small village called  Dhampur. Kishan, a farmer, lived with his family in a small cottage in the village. He had a son Ramesh. Ramesh was eleven years old. Kishan went to the field for farming and Ramesh went to a school […] More


    Old man telling stories – 100% Moral stories

    The old man telling stories There was at one time an Old Man named Franz. Franz lived alone in the littlest house in the route back of his area. He is just a 50-year-old man. Franz was a cranky elderly person because of the new demise of his better half. He was mad and discourteous […] More

  • Mouse In The House Best Short story

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    Top 10 Kids stories with Moral

    Top 10 Best Kids stories with moral The benefits of story Reading before sleep It’s Amazing. Its help to Boost Your Knowledge, Enhance Social agreement, Improve Interest, creative mind and correspondence Much More. Here You Found Top 10 Best Kids Stories For Bedtime. Hope You Like These Kids Stories With Moral Two Shop Two Sparrows […] More

  • Best Short Story on Value Of Money



    Value of Money- Best Short Moral Story

    Best Short Story on Value Of Money. Once, in a village, there lived a merchant with his wife. After many years of marriage, they were blessed with a son. The spouse grew very happy to get a son. They gratified every wish of their son. The excess of love made him a spoilt boy. Years […] More

  • Two Parrots Moral Story in English

    Two Parrots Moral Story in English

    Two Parrots Moral Story in English Two Parrots Moral Story in English. At some point, an explorer was going through the woods. He was strolling since morning and now it had become early afternoon. So he was exceptionally worn out. He needed to sit someplace and take a rest for some time. And still, at […] More

  • Akbar Birbal Story for kids

    The Prince and The Pauper story in English

    The Prince and The Pauper story The Prince and Pauper story For a very long time, King Akbar consistently had questions and his number one retainer Birbal immediately conveyed the appropriate responses. Birbal’s style wasn’t quite valued by his kindred retainers. In any case, the King consistently appreciated Birbal’s straightforward methodology and his clever reactions. […] More

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