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  • The sailing trip sleep stories for kids

    English Reader Class 2-The Sailing Trip

    The Sailing Trip Story For Kids Avi and Kamna are going on a trip to goa. Avi says, ‘ I want to sail on a ship. Let us go by ship’ but Kamna wants to go by train. ‘ I like the sound of the train when it moves on a rail track’, she says. […] More

  • Best Short Story on Value Of Money



    Value of Money- Best Short Moral Story

    Best Short Story on Value Of Money. Once, in a village, there lived a merchant with his wife. After many years of marriage, they were blessed with a son. The spouse grew very happy to get a son. They gratified every wish of their son. The excess of love made him a spoilt boy. Years […] More

  • Two Parrots Moral Story in English



    Two Parrots Moral Story in English

    Two Parrots Moral Story in English Two Parrots Moral Story in English. At some point, an explorer was going through the woods. He was strolling since morning and now it had become early afternoon. So he was exceptionally worn out. He needed to sit someplace and take a rest for some time. And still, at […] More

  • Akbar Birbal Story for kids

    The Prince and The Pauper story in English

    The Prince and The Pauper story The Prince and Pauper story For a very long time, King Akbar consistently had questions and his number one retainer Birbal immediately conveyed the appropriate responses. Birbal’s style wasn’t quite valued by his kindred retainers. In any case, the King consistently appreciated Birbal’s straightforward methodology and his clever reactions. […] More

  • Brown Wolf By Jack London



    5 Best Short Stories-The Magic Matchbox

    The Magic Matchbox Story The Magic Matchbox Story. A bad old witch lives in a forest. One day, Neha forgets her way back home and enters the forest. The witch is watching her from behind a tree, she catches Neha and takes her to her house. She makes Neha do all the work. Neha has […] More

  • The crow and the black snake Story moral

    Crow and Snake story- Sleep Stories

    Crow and Snake story- Sleep Stories Crow and snake story in English. Father Crow and Mother Crow lived in a huge banyan tree nesting in them. They had been living there for many years and had many children. One day a big black snake came into a hole under a banyan tree and made his […] More


    Three Little Pigs

    Three Little Pigs story for Class 1 Once upon a time, three little pigs lived together as time went by the three little brothers started getting bigger and bigger. One day their mother told them that it was time for them to go out into the world explore it and build their own houses. The […] More

  • tit for tat meaning

    The clever fox and the foolish crow story

    The clever fox and the foolish crow story The Foolish Crow Short Story. Companions, this is an account of an absurd crow. A crow lived in a town. He broke his brain by walking. It intends to say that if he turned into a crow, he was exceptionally clever however he was most certainly not. […] More

  • blue jackal short story

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    The Blue Jackal Story

    The Blue Jackal Story The Blue Jackal Short Story. A hungry jackal wandered into a village. The dogs there followed him. The jackal ran to escape the dogs and fell into a blue-filled platter, and when he got out of there he was completely blue. The jackal reached the forest painted in blue colour. All […] More

  • Moral stories on the topic of truth in english

    Truth Will Never Die

    Truth Will Never Die. Some time ago there was a Toby who had a dainty jackass he was poor so. He couldn’t take care of the jackass appropriately and adequately yet. The heaps of grimy garments were expanding. One day the jackass whined to the expert, I am NOT ready to convey such a lot […] More

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