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10 Facts of Solar System

facts of solar system

Facts of Solar System

The Solar System is a fascinating place, filled
with surprising phenomena.

We’ve gathered 8 curious facts about the
Solar System that will definitely amaze you.

Facts of Solar System-The size of the Sun

The Sun makes up 99.8 percent of
the mass of the entire Solar System.

It is so big that more than 1 million Earths
could fit inside it. At the same time,

the Sun is just an average-size star
among other stars in our galaxy.

For example, Betelgeuse – one of the largest known
stars – is about 750 times larger than our Sun.

Facts of Solar System-Landing on Jupiter

Want to land a spacecraft on Jupiter? Sorry
to disappoint you, but this gas giant has

no solid surface! If you tried to land
on Jupiter, your spacecraft would simply

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start falling through the planet, where it
would be crushed by extreme pressure. The

same is true for the other giant planets
– none of them has a surface to land on.

facts of solar system

Facts of Solar System-Sunset on Mars

Mars may be known as the Red Planet,
but sunsets on Mars are actually blue!

You can see it yourself on this image sequence
taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover in 2015. The

reason for this blue color is dust in the Martian
atmosphere. Dust particles permit blue light to

penetrate the atmosphere more efficiently than
longer-wavelength colors, like yellow and red.

Facts of Solar System-The largest volcano

Mars can boast the largest volcano in the
entire Solar System – Olympus Mons. With

a diameter of 600 km, this Martian
volcano could cover the entire state

of Arizona. And with a height of 21 km, it
stands about 2,5 times as tall as Mount Everest.

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Facts of Solar System-The hottest planet

As Mercury is the closest planet to the
Sun, you would think that it would also

be the hottest one. However, the hottest
planet is Venus. The planet has a very

thick atmosphere that traps all the heat coming
from the Sun and doesn’t let Venus cool down.

Such a greenhouse effect results in surface
temperatures of about 470 °C (or 878 °F).

Facts of Solar System-A day on Venus

One day on Venus lasts longer than one
year! How can this be? The thing is,

Venus’ rotation period is very long – it takes
the planet about 243 Earth days to rotate

once on its axis. The orbit of Venus
around the Sun is 225 Earth days,

which makes a Venusian year 18 Earth
days shorter than a Venusian day.


Facts of Solar System-Footprints on the Moon

Footprints and other traces left by the
Apollo astronauts on the Moon can stay there

for millions of years. That’s because the
Moon has no atmosphere, so there’s no wind

to sweep up the dust and erase the footprints.
However, the traces left by the astronauts may

be wiped out by meteorites – or erased by other
astronauts who will visit the Moon in the future.

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Facts of Solar System-The escaping Moon

Most of us take the Moon for granted, as if
it will stay close to us forever. However,

the Moon is slowly moving away from the Earth – at
a speed of about 4 cm per year. Because of this,

over a very long period of time, the Earth
could slow down its rotation, which would affect

life on the planet. Fortunately, it will take
billions of years to happen, so don’t be afraid.

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