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Hansel and Gretel story for children

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Hansel and Gretel story for children

Once upon a time , there lived a very poor woodcutter in a tiny cottage on the border of a dark forest with his two children, Hansel and Gretel. Their mother had died and the woodcutter remarried.


The woodcutter’s second wife did not care for these two children. She ill – treated the children and forced them to do household chores. She wanted to get rid of the two kids.


One night , the wife said to the woodcutter, ” There is not enough food in the house for all of us. There are too many mouths to feed. We must get rid of the two brats. We should take them to the forest and leave them there. ” Shocked, the woodcutter cried, 

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I cannot do such a wicked thing! ” ” Then all of us will die of hunger, ” said his wife. The woodcutter still did not agree. “ I will take them to the forest myself, ” said his wife. The children heard their parents talk and got very frightened.


” Oh ! ” sobbed Gretel, ” We shall be lost in the dense forest and wild beasts will eat us up. ” ” Don’t cry Gretel, ” consoled Hansel, ” if they leave us in the forest, we’ll find our way home. ” Hansel came up with a plan and stepped out in the garden. He filled his pockets with tiny white pebbles and went back to sleep.  


hansel and gretel story for children
Hansel and Gretel story for children


Early next morning, the unkind mother woke up the children and said , ” Get up quickly. You shall go with me to the forest today to cut wood. ” She gave both of them a thick slice of bread for their midday meal and then they all set out together. As the woodcutter’s wife took them to the middle of the forest, Hansel dropped tiny white pebbles on mossy green ground.

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When they had reached the heart of the forest, the stepmother said to them , “ Children ! You must be tired. Both of you rest here until I gather some wood. When I have done, I will come back and take you home. ” She left them. Hansel and Gretel were feeling very tired after a long walk. They ate their slice of bread and soon fell fast asleep.


When they woke up, it was quite dark and their stepmother had not returned. Gretel began to sob bitterly. Hansel comforted her saying, ” Don’t worry, wait until the moon rises, I will take you home safely. ” Once the full moon had risen , the children set out hand in hand, following the line of tiny white pebbles and reached home.


The woodcutter’s wife was surprised to see the children back home! Eager to know how they had come back, she was able to see the pebbles lying along the path. The wicked stepmother , stifling ” with anger locked the children in their room so that they might not go out to collect pebbles again.

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That night , Hansel again overheard his stepmother talking to his father about leaving them in the forest. ” I must collect some pebbles, ” thought Hansel. But this time, the door was locked and Hansel could not go out.


Next morning, the stepmother gave them two small slices of bread and led the children deep in the forest to leave them once again.


Hansel crumbled the bread into small pieces and left a trail of crumbs behind him all along the way so that he could find the way back home. This time she led them much farther inside the forest.


Once again, the woodcutter’s wife asked the children to rest and with a lame excuse left them alone in the forest. When Hansel and Gretel awoke, they found themselves alone. The stepmother had not returned. Gretel felt afraid. But Hansel had no fear at all.


He said, ” I can easily find my way home, for I have marked the path with crumbs of bread. ” They began to search for the bread crumbs. But the birds had eaten up all the crumbs. Poor children walked but could not find their way back home.

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All night they spent wandering and reached deeper into the forest. Gretel sobbed and said, ” We are soon going to die . The prowling wild beast shall eat us up, ” ” I will take care of you , my sister, don’t worry, ” said Hansel. Tired and hungry, they lay down under a tree and fell fast asleep. Hearing the sweet chirp of birds, both the children woke up at dawn the next morning.


They walked deeper into the forest. They could smell something very sweet in the air. As they moved a little further, they saw a strange cottage hidden in the trees. It was the most unusual house. The house was made up of gingerbread, candy, cookies, chocolates and cake. The children were so hungry that they began to eat the house at once.


While the children were enjoying a delicious feast, a shrill voice struck their ears saying, ” Nibble my hut as much as you can. ” The children froze with fear when they saw an old woman hobbling out of the door. She said , ” Dear little children , come inside, you have nothing to fear . ” The old woman was actually an evil witch whose favorite food was children.

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Early next morning, she pounced on Hansel and locked him inside a little iron cage. Then she ordered Gretel, ” Roast some chicken for Hansel. Once he grows fat, I will eat him! ” Poor Gretel was forced to cook meal and do all the chores. When she carried the meal for Hansel, they consoled each other, ” Have faith in God. “


hansel and gretel story

Hansel and Gretel story for children


Every day, the witch went to the Hansel’s cage and said, ” Show me your arm. ” Hansel knew that the witch was half blind. So he cleverly showed her a chicken bone instead. ” Umm, still thin! ” the witch thought.


Few days later, the witch became impatient. She dragged Gretel into the kitchen and said, “ Light the fire until the oven is red hot . I am going to cook your brother for dinner. ” With a heavy heart Gretel lit the fire. ” Is the oven ready? ” asked the witch after some time.


Gretel thought of a plan and said, ” I don’t know how to do it. Once you demonstrate it to me then I will do it regularly. ” ” What nonsense! ” shouted the witch, ” Put your head inside at first like this.

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Saying so, she bent and opened the oven door . Gretel gave her a hard push and slammed the oven door. The wicked witch was roasted alive. Gretel found the key of Hansel’s cage and rescued her brother.


Both the children danced with joy and stayed for some more days there and ate more of the house. Inside the cottage they found a treasure chest. They opened the treasure chest and filled their pockets with all pearls, diamonds and rubies.


They set out once more into the forest to search for their way back home. On the way, near a great lake, they met a swan who helped them cross the lake one by one.


After walking for few hours they saw their own little hut. Their father standing at the door. He kissed and hugged ” them lovingly. ” Your stepmother r has gone, as she could not bear the poverty any longer! And I had been looking for you in the forest for several days, ” said the woodcutter.

Hansel and Gretel told their father about the wicked witch and showed him the jewels. From then on, they lived in peace and happiness ever after.




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