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In The Garden-Moral Story with Picture

In The Garden-Moral Story with Picture

Suraj and Neha have a beautiful garden around their house. Their mother is a very keen gardener. The front garden has trim and green lawn. There are flowerbeds which have flowers in pink, blue, red and golden yellow. One corner has a rose bed. There are big tree and small shrubs. The garden at the back has seasonal vegetables.

One late afternoon, Mother was doing gardening. A cool breeze was blowing. Birds and butterflies were flying around. Mother called out to Suraj and Neha to play outdoors. When they come out, Mother said, ‘Let me see how many colored things you can find.’Moral Story with Picture

Neha replied, ‘Oh, Mother let us play, “I spy with my eye” now,’ Mother began, ‘I spy with my eye something red, they have a sweet scent and grow in a bed,’

Both Suraj and Neha knew the answer and said, ‘Of course, Roses!!’ Suraj heard a movement under a tree and shouted,’

‘I spy with my eye something grey, if we move and shout, it runs away,’

Mother and Neha looked around but could not find anything. They heard a rustling sound under the tree and got the answer right. Mother and Neha replied, ‘A squirrel.’

The bushy tail squirrel dashed away behind the tree. Neha cried out, ‘I spy with my eye, something sitting on the tree; it has brown feathers and likes to be free.’

Mother and Suraj looked up at the tree and saw a sparrow sitting there and said, ‘A sparrow,’Moral Story with Picture

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Mother asked, ‘I spy with my eye flying in the air, something with many colours and patterns so rare,’

This was a difficult one. Suraj and Neha did not know the answer. Mother pointed out to the butterflies in different shades and designs. The next clue was given by Suraj.

‘I spy with my eye something in the sky, yellow, black and orange, flying so high.

Mother and Neha looked up and saw kites in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Mother, Suraj and Neha were having fun, when the skies turned dark, it started raining. The happy threesome went indoors. When the rain stopped, Neha looked out and jumped with joy, ‘I spy with my eye something far away, it has seven colors shining through the sun’s rays.’

They all cried together,

Moral Story with Picture

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