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The God Of River-NCERT Class 3 English Story


The God Of River

NCERT Solution For Class 3 English

Once there was a small village called  Dhampur. Kishan, a farmer, lived with his family in a small cottage in the village.

He had a son Ramesh. Ramesh was eleven years old.

Kishan went to the field for farming and Ramesh went to a school near the village. Whenever Ramesh‘s mother cleaned the house, she told him to collect the garbage and throw it away. He collected the garbage and threw it into the river that flowed near their cottage. This was his daily routine. Many other families also did the same. The place where people threw the garbage became very dirty and smelly,  but nobody bothered.

One day, when Ramesh was about to throw the garbage, he saw someone wearing a golden crown come out of the river.

He was tall and fair and held a golden pot, full of water, in his hand. But he looked very sad. Ramesh felt scared. But he soon took courage and asked the person who he was and why he was so sad.

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The person said slowly, I’m the God of water. I’ve been living in this river for many years. I’m sad because you are always throwing garbage into my water and polluting it. This river has now become very dirty!’

‘What do you mean by polluting water?’ asked Ramesh.

The water God said,  ‘ When you throw garbage into the water, it gets dirty. This garbage contains chemical and plastics which are very harmful to the fish. It has germs too. If someone drinks this water, he or she may catch diseases like typhoid and jaundice .’

Ramesh was surprised to know all this.  He felt guilty for polluting the river so much. He took his garbage and went back to his home.

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The next day, Ramesh went to his school and shared his experience with his friends and his Teachers. The teacher gave him more information about water pollution.

The teacher said, ‘We throw domestic and industrial waste, flowers and so many other things into the river. these things pollute our rivers and make them dirty .’

‘Where should I throw the garbage then?  asked  Ramesh.  The teacher replied, Dig a pit outside your house and put all the garbage into that pit. When the pit is full, cover it with leaves. Leave it for a few days. The garbage will turn into manure.

Your father can use the manure in his field.’ Ramesh was very happy with the Idea. His father dug a pit the same day and they started throwing the garbage into the pit instead of throwing it into the river.

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