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Story of Jack and The Beanstalk

Story of Jack and The Beanstalk

Story of Jack and The Beanstalk previously showed up as The Story of Jack Sprigging and the Enchanted Bean in 1734.Jack and The Beanstalk


Once upon a time, in a far away land lived a poor window with her only son, Jack. They have a tiny old cottage in a forest and a milk cow.  They sold the cow’s milk to buy their daily needs.

As time went by, the cow stopped giving milk. Jack’s Mother felt much worried. She decided to sell the cow. So, she asked jack to take it to the market and sell it for a good price.

Holding the cow’s halter in his hand, left for the market. He had not gone far when a strange old man stopped him. Where are you going, son? Asked the old man I am going to the marked to sell my cow, replied Jack I can buy your cow but I have no money. All I have are few beans, say the old man.

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Why I should take these beans?” asked Jack. “These are magical beans, they grow into a beanstalk that will touch the sky overnight,” said the old man. For a while jack hesitated, but his curiosity made him accept the bens and sold the cow.


Story of Jack and The Beanstalk
Story of Jack and The Beanstalk


When Jacks mother saw him without the cow, she asked, “How much you get for the cow, my son? Jack showed the magical beans to his mother and say, I sold the cow for the magical beans.”

Jack’s mother got very angry and shouted, foolish boy! How can you sell the cow for the some beans only? Angrily she threw the bean out of the window and said you won’t any super tonight. That’s your punishment!

The next morning when Jack got up he found complete darkness in his room quickly he went for window. He could believe his eyes.


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A huge size beanstalk grown outside his window! It went high up into the sky. It looked like a big ladder to the sky. The old man was right. The beans are magical! Thought Jack.

Jack was curious to know where the beanstalk ended. So clambering. He climbed and climbed but the beanstalk seemed to have no end. Everything below him looked very small.

Jack reached a strange beautiful land. In the distance he saw a marvelous castle. Feeling tired and hungry Jack knocked at the castle’s door.

A big tall giantess opened the door and peered at him. Seeing the giantess Jack started shaking with fear. Good morning madam. I am hungry could I have something for breakfast Jack asked politely.

All right come inside said the kind giantess she gave jack a slice of bread and a piece of cheese to eat and warned about her husband who ate the children.


Jack and The Beanstalk

Story of Jack and The Beanstalk


Suddenly there was a loud sound of thumping sound and the castle began shaking. It is my husband said the giantess. Quick hide inside the cellar. Jack obeyed at once the next moment a giant entered in the castle and shouted I smell the blood of an Englishman.


An Englishman there is no Englishman here. It is only smell of the dear who you hunted today the giantess told her husband. The giantess was pacified with the answer.

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After having his dinner the giant asked his wife to bring his golden hen. The giantess immediately brought her golden hen. The giant put the hen on the table and said lay me a golden egg. At the once the hen laid a beautiful golden egg.

A little later the giant fell asleep snoring hard. Jack took a bag of gold coins and came out of the cellar


Although shivering with fear he picked up the hen on the table and rushed down the beanstalk.

He finally reached home and placed the bag of the gold coins and the golden hen before his mother.


Jack s mother burst out and crying where have you been and from where you got the treasure and the golden hen jack told his mother all about the beanstalk and his adventure.

She was delight to see her son safe back home. He hugged him and also asked to never to climb up to beanstalk again the giant seemed to be very cruel and bad tempered.


Jack and The Beanstalk


But jack wanted more treasure so he again went to the giant s castle. As he was lurking around the castle he heard the giants footsteps he again hid in the cellar to be safe. I smell the blood of an Englishman said the giant it’s only the smell of a people whose homes you robed replied the giantess all right bring my harp he shouted. The giantess obeyed the giant commanded the harp play some music.


Immediately the harp played melodious music the giant fell asleep. The harp seemed to sense that so it stopped playing at once.

When jack heard the giant snoring loudly he came out of the cellar. He quickly seized the harp and ran away with it.

But the harp is in a magical charm of the giant. As jack ran it cried master, master wake up a thief is taking me away.


Immediately the giant woke up and saw jack running away with the harp. The furious giant run after the jack to catch him. Jack is too fast for the giant. He quickly slid from the beanstalk with giant behind him.


When jack was about to reach the ground, he cried mother, mother, mother bring me an axe. Without delay Jack s mother rush with the axe. I must chop down plant before the giant gets here said jack. He violently began to strike at the beanstalk with the axe. The giant lost his hold and crashed on the ground. That was the end of the giant.


Jacks mother very happy to have her son home safely. Jack showed his mother the magical harp and commands him to sing. The melodious sound of harp delighted both the mother and her son.

The hen laying golden eggs. They  became very rich and shared their wealth with poor people.


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