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Christmas Return Gift- Best Christmas Story 2022

Christmas Stories 2022

Christmas Return Gift-Christmas Story 2022

It was very tough time for Mrs. Jones after her husband’s demise. She was working as a waitress for her livelihood. Mrs. Jones had a six year old boy named Mathew; he was a very innocent child. Whenever he had been taken to church, he used to ask “Mom, Why we go to church?
Few days before Christmas, Mrs. Jones told Mathew to get ready for Church. Again he repeated his question “Mom, Why we go to church?”

“We’re like children to Christ, he made all of us.” So if you have any desire tell to Christ, Mrs. Jones replied. Mathew had a desire to have a gear bicycle. He went to church along with his mother as usual. Mathew gazed at Christ, and then he put his desire in front of Christ.

Mathew’s mother was already aware of her little one’s desire and for that she ha
“Santa”, Mrs. Jones replied. Christmas became more special for Mathew; he enjoyed a lot with his friends. Next morning, Mathew asked his mother “Mom, Where do Santa reside?”
“No one can reach there.” What makes you ask such a thing? Mrs. Jones asked.
Nothing, he replied. Then Mathew asked his mother, “Mom, Christ gave me so wonderful gift”, but you didn’t give me anything.
“What you want from me?” Mrs. Jones said.
“Mom, give me some bucks.”

“What will you do with those bucks?” Mrs. Jones asked.
I want to visit granny’s home alone, Mathew said. Mrs. Jones smiled and replied, “You’re too small to go alone, I’ll send you tomorrow along with Uncle Jacob.”
Mathew became very happy. But he thought to go to granny’s home, he use to catch bus. So, to go to Santa’s home he has to catch bus only.

Christmas Return Gift- Perfect Christmas Stories 2022 for Kids

Christmas Return Gift
The Christmas lights on Trinity street sure do get you in the holiday spirit.

Next day Uncle Jacob left Mathew to his granny’s home. Mathew urged his granny to take him to market, and then his granny took him to market. After long search into market, Mathew went to a shop and purchased a gift from the bucks that he had taken from his mother. Then he wrapped that gift and kept in his pocket. Mathew enjoyed whole day with his granny.

Next morning, Mathew took permission from his granny to play outside in the park nearby his granny’s home, but instead of going park, he went to bus-stand and caught a bus.
Bus conductor asked him, “Where you want to go?”
“Drop me near Santa’s home”, Mathew replied. Conductor laughed! Thinking him as child, he didn’t ask for ticket. Mathew alighted from the bus at one of the stoppage. Mathew got tired after a long walk, he felt hungry. Then Mathew found a path in between field, he thought it may be the shortcut to reach Santa’s home. Mathew entered that path.

It was almost dusk, Mathew saw a wooden cot kept in the middle of the way. He reached near the cot and laid on it due to tiredness. Meanwhile an old man was too crossing that path, suddenly, he saw a little boy sleeping on the cot. He reached to him and made him to wake up, but Mathew didn’t react. The old man touched him and found that he was suffering from severe fever; old strange man took him in his lap and moved to his home. He gave proper care to Mathew so that he could recover soon.

After having medicines, Mathew babbled subconsciously “Santa where are you?” I have a message for Christ. Now old man took no time to get that Mathew left home in search of Santa. He decided to take get up of Santa so that Mathew’s journey would end up and his parents would not be worried longer.
Next morning Mathew arouse from sleep, he surprised to see Santa! He asked, “Santa how do you came?”
“Christ has sent me for you, he said you have a message for him”, Santa replied. Mathew was still stunned.

“What you want little boy, ask for anything you need”, Santa said.
“No actually you already gave gear bicycle on Christmas that I desired for” replied Mathew.Christmas Stories 2022

“Oh,” I had forgotten. So, what’s the reason behind looking for me?
Mathew took out that wrapped gift from his pocket and handed over to Santa. And requested, “Give this gift to Christ behalf of me; It is a return gift…”
Santa opened it and found a color box. He asked, “Any specific reason behind gifting this.”
“If Christ will ask, what would I reply?” Santa said.

My mother says that Christ has made all of us. I thought, He made birds, flowers etc. so colorful, but he forgot to make human beings colorful. Maybe he doesn’t have so many colors for us, “replied Mathew.
Santa laughed and told him, “Ok,” I’ll do it for you.
Mathew was very happy; the purpose for which he left home was completed.
“Don’t you want to return home”, Santa asked.

Yes I do. But I don’t remember address of my home, “Mathew said gloomily.
No problem, I’ll take you there. Then old man looked at the cover of color box on which the name of the shop was mentioned, from where it had been purchased. The both caught bus and after a long journey, they reached at the same shop. Old man asked shop man, “Do you know anything about this child?”

Luckily shop man knew Mathew’s granny, so he gave her address to that old man. The old man reached at the same address along with Mathew.
Mathew knocked door loud, Mathew’s mother opened the door. As she saw Mathew, she cried in a joy and hugged him. “Where you had gone without informing me?” Mrs. Jones questioned.
Pointing his finger towards old man, “I had left to meet him, he is Santa” Mathew replied.

Old man smiled, “Now I too have to go home, but remember don’t ever leave home without telling your mother otherwise Christ will never condone you”, replied old man.
Mrs. Jones understood, she thanked that old man and offered him some cookies for being so nice to Mathew and her.

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Christmas Return Gift / Christmas Stories 2022

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