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The Clever Fox Story with Moral

The Clever Fox Story with Moral

The Clever Fox Story with Moral


A lion, the king of the forest, had a fox as his minister. Every day the lion hunted and killed an animal for his food. The fox got a share from it as a reward for serving the lion as the minister.

One day the lion fall sick. He could not go out for hunting. So he said to fox, today ‘Today I can’t go out for hunting. But I am very hungry. Please go and bring some animal for my food.


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The fox said to himself, ‘no animal will come to the lion willingly. What should I do now?’ he thought and thought. At last, he had an idea. He thought, ‘The donkey is a stupid animal.


The Clever Fox Story with Moral
The Clever Fox Story with Moral


I can trick him and bring him here.’

So he went to the jackass and said, ‘I have some uplifting news for you.

The lion, the king of this forest, has decided to make you his secretary. Please come with me and see him.’


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The jackass was particularly satisfied to hear this. So he went with the fox to the place of extreme peril. The eager lion sprang upon the jackass and killed him. Then he said to the fox, ‘I am going to the river to drink water. You shall sit here and take care of this kill.’



The lion went to the river. Now, the fox himself was very hungry. He hurriedly ate the brain of the donkey before the lion returned for the river.

The lion returned after some time. He looked at the donkey and asked, ‘where is the brain of this animal?’ The fox smiled and said, ‘Sir, if the donkey had brains, he would not have Come here. Donkeys are brainless animals.

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