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5 Best Short Stories-The Magic Matchbox

Brown Wolf By Jack London

The Magic Matchbox Story

The Magic Matchbox Story. A bad old witch lives in a forest. One day, Neha forgets her way back home and enters the forest.

The witch is watching her from behind a tree, she catches Neha and takes her to her house. She makes Neha do all the work.

Neha has to fetch sticks for cooking. She has to catch fish from the pond and cook it. She has to stitch clothes for the witch.

The witch does not do any work. She has an itch on her foot. All day long, she only scratches her itching foot.

The Magic Matchbox Story

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Neha is crying. She is very tired. She wants to run away. She does not know the way back home.

One night, Neha lies down to sleep on a patch of dry grass. She feels something hard near her hand. She picks it up. It is a golden magic matchbox.

Neha strikes a match. There is a bright light. A fairy stands before Neha. She sees the tears in her eyes.

She asks, ‘why are you crying, my child?’ Neha says, ‘I want to go home to my mammy and papa. The bad witch is not letting me go.’

The fairy is very kind. She wants to help Neha. she says,’ do not cry, my child. I have a magic wand. Close your eyes.’ Saying this, the fairy stretches her hand and waves the wand in the air.

Neha closes her eyes. When she opens them, she finds that she is sitting on her bed at home. She is very happy that it was only a dream. Kids Stories Read Aloud The Magic Matchbox Class 2

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