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Short Stories

    A mouse in the house

Best Sleep Stories For Kids. Bhanu is a big boy. He is seven years old. His sister mona is small. She is only three years old. Today mother has to go to the market. She tells Bhanu to take care of little mona. Bhanu is a good boy. He takes care of his sister. Mona is playing with her toys. She finds a big round pouch on the ground.

She picks up the pouch and opens it. Outcomes a stout mouse. It climbs on her blouse and then jumps onto the couch.Mouse In The House Best Short story

‘ouch, ouch! Help, help!’ shouts mona. Bhanu hears the scream. He runs to help her.

He sees the mouse bouncing up and down. The mouse jumped from the couch to the ground. He jumps from the ground to the couch. Poor mona is crying.

Bhanu goes into the garden and comes back with a big round pot. He puts the pot over the mouse. The mouse can not run, mona stops crying. She is happy now. Both of them wait for their mother to come back from the market. They tell her everything. Mother is proud oh Bhanu.

A mouse in the house Best Sleep Stories For Kids

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Written by Deepak Gupta

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