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Short Stories

The sailing trip

Best Sleep Stories For Kids. Avi and Kamna are going on a trip to goa. Avi says, ‘ I want to sail on a ship. Let us go by ship’ but Kamna wants to go by train. ‘ I like the sound of the train when it moves on a rail track’, she says.

Father comes into the room. He has tickets in the hand.

‘ children we are going to go on Friday.’ He says.

‘how are we going papa?’. Asks Avi.

‘ We are going by ship,’ says the father.

‘ But papa I want to go by train .’ says Kamna.

‘my dear, we are coming back by train’, says the father.

Avi and Kamna are happy.

On Friday, all of them get into the ship. The ship starts sailing in the water. It takes two days to reach goa.The sailing trip sleep stories for kids

Avi and Kamna have a good time. They find a snail on the ship. They put it in a pail. They play with it.

The next day, it rains. Avi hears someone calling. ‘help me! Help me! He runs out to see. Kamna also runs out. A small boy is drowning in the water. Avi picks up a chain. he throws it to the boy.

The boy holds the chain. Avi and Kamna pull him up. The boy is now safe. There is a bloodstain on his head.

The three children become friends. Avi and Kamna let the boy play with the snail in the pail. Papa says, ‘ you are good children.

The Sailing Trip Sleep Stories For Kids

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