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Top 10 Kids stories with Moral

Top 10 Best Kids stories with moral

The benefits of story Reading before sleep It’s Amazing. Its help to Boost Your Knowledge, Enhance Social agreement, Improve Interest, creative mind and correspondence Much More. Here You Found Top 10 Best Kids Stories For Bedtime. Hope You Like These Kids Stories With Moral

  1. Two Shop
  2. Two Sparrows
  3. An Inch of Gold
  4. The Silver Tray
  5. The Foamy Soap 
  6. The Crow’s Nest
  7. A Mouse in The House
  8. Foolish Crow and Clever Fox
  9. Value Of Money
  10. Truth Will Never Die

1. Two Shops

In a small city in India, there were two shops. One was a book shop and the other was a sweet shop. The shopkeeper of the book shop was a Smiling man. His shop had cards, gifts, storybooks and Paintbrushes. Many people went to the bookshop.

The sweet shop had boxes of sweets, many types of cakes, and jars of lollipops. The shopkeeper of the sweet shop was a frowning man. So no one came to his shop.

Kids stories with moral
The frowning man could not understand why no one came to his shop. One day, he was looking out. Two men came on ponies. They went into the bookshop. After some time, some girls also went inside the book shop.
The shopkeeper frowned more and more. At that time, two women with babies came into the sweets shop. One baby saw the frown on the man’s face and started crying. The women went out without buying anything. As they opened the door, the shopkeeper saw his face in the mirror of the door.

‘What a frown!’ he said. He looked again and saw that it was his own face. He was so surprised that he began to laugh. He laughed so loudly that the babies also began to laugh. One woman came back and took a box of lollipops
The other boys and girls heard his laugh and came to buy sweets. I and women also came to buy cakes.
From that day, the shopkeeper always smiled and his shop was always full of people.

Hope You Like This Kids Stories With Moral

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