Top 10 Kids stories with Moral

Kids stories with moral

2. Two Sparrows

The cry of the sparrows woke Sophia up. The little girl lived in a big house. She had a pretty room. But the sparrows were trying to make a nest in her room.
Every day her mother would sweep the dry straws from her room. ‘ they make your room look dirty.’ She would say. ‘ But these straws are for their nest. Where will they lay their eggs?’

kids stories with moral

Sophia used to cry. But mother would not listen. Sophia felt sorry for the sparrows. Then she had a wonderful idea. She had an old doll’s house. The birds could make a nest in her old doll’s house.
Sophia cleaned the doll’s house and put some grains on the floor of the doll’s house.

The hungry birds ate all the grains, but they did not make a nest in the doll’s house.
The happy birds ate everything and made their nest on the pelmet. Daily mother would sweep the dry straws out, but the foolish birds did not occupy the doll’s house.

Sophia put the dry straws in the doll’s house and made a good nest for them. But still, the two sparrows slept on the pelmet.
One day, one of the sparrows was hurt by a naughty boy. Sophia heard the loud ‘ cheep -cheep’. She picked up the hurt bird and put it in the nest inside the doll’s house.

‘cheep- cheep’ , she soon heard. It was the sparrow’s partner. He had joined her inside the doll’s house.
After a few days, when Rashmi peeped into the nest, she saw two eggs in it. She jumped with joy and ran to call her mother.

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