Top 10 Kids stories with Moral

Kids stories with moral

3. An Inch of Gold

A poor farmer and his wife lived in a village. They had seven sons. But the sons were lazy. They did no work. So, the family was poor.
One night, the woman had a dream. A snake came to her and told her that if she kept milk for him every night, he would come to her. He told her to cut off an inch of his tail every night. It would turn into gold.
So, the woman kept a bowl of milk in her room at night.

Kids stories with moral

The snake came and drank the milk. Then she took to cut a knife and cut an inch of his tail. it turned into gold. Every night, the same thing happened.
The poor family now become rich. They had the money for food. The seven boys were dressed in good clothes. But they wanted more and more money to spend.

So, they begged their mother to cut two inches of the snake’s tail. the mother did not agree. But the sons troubled her a lot. At last, the mother agreed.
That night when the snake came, she gave him the bowl of milk. Then she took the knife and cut two inches of his tail. The snake started bleeding. Within a few minutes, he was dead. The woman was shocked. She cried loudly.
Her seven sons came. They saw that the two inches of the tail had not turned into gold.
‘Alas!’ they cried. ‘we were greedy. Now we have no gold and the snake is dead.

Kids Stories With Moral

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Written by Deepak Gupta

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