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Top 10 Kids stories with Moral

4. The Silver Tray

There was a small girl. her name was Olivia. She lived in a village with her mother. They were very poor.
Sometimes, they did not even have food to eat. On such days, they had to sleep hungry.
One day, there was no food in the house. Olivia went into the forest to look for some wild fruits. On the way, she saw a very old woman.

The old woman was trying to lift a very heavy bag. Olivia was a kind girl. She went forward and helped the woman. The old woman thanked her.
Then the old woman looked carefully at her. She asked, ‘ my child, why do you look so sad?’ ‘because my mother and I have not eaten anything for the last two days. I came here to look for some fruits’, replied Olivia. ‘and did you find anything?’ asked the old woman.
No’, replied Olivia sadly.

The old woman put her hand into her bag. She took out a silver tray. She gave the tray to Olivia saying, ‘you are a kind girl. You will never go hungry again. This is a magic tray. Whenever you want food, just say, ‘cook, silver tray, cook’ and you will have all types of food.

When you want it to stop. Say, ‘stop, silver tray, stop.’
The little girl was very happy. She thanked the old woman and ran home.
The silver tray worked well. Noe Olivia and her mother never went hungry. Whenever they wanted food. Geeta said, ‘cook, silver tray, cook.’ And when there was enough food for two, Olivia said, ‘ stop, silver tray, stop’

One day Olivia had gone to her friend’s house. Some visitors came to call on her mother. The mother showed them how the magic tray worked. All kinds of food came on the tray. The visitors looked on in surprise. But now the trouble began.

Mother did not remember the right words to stop the tray,’ stop, stop, no more, silver tray,’ she ordered. ‘ please stop silver tray,’ she cried. But the tray kept cooking and cooking more food. The food fell from the table to the ground. It went out onto the road.

All the people came out of their houses to see the river of food. Olivia also heard the shouts and cries. she came out of her friend’s house.
She swam through the river of food. As soon as she came never her home, the river of food stopped flowing from the tray.
Can you guess why?

Hope You Like This Kids Stories With Moral

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