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Top 10 Kids stories with Moral

5. The Foamy Soap

Doapy is a hard-working goat. He always wears a bright red coat. One day, his master tells him to carry a load of coal to the next town.
Doapy is a good goat’ he likes to work for his master. But he knows that to go to the next town, he has to cross the jungle, Doapy is scared. He does not want to go alone into the jungle. So, soapy thinks of his friend, soapy the toad. He goes to his house.

He finds soapy taking a bath. Soapy is a very clean toad. he has a round pink soap. He always keeps the soap in his pocket. Doapy asks soapy to go with him to the next town. Soapy is very brave. ‘ i am not scared of the Lion,’ he boasts.

He agrees to go with doapy. He packs some toasts in a box and the two friends set off down the road.
They walk all becomes night. Suddenly, they hear a roar. They start walking faster. But, what do they see? The big bad lion is standing before them. The lion says, ‘ Aha! A goat and a toad. i am going to roast you and eat you for dinner. I am tired of eating boars every day.’ The two friends are scared but they do not show it.

Soapy, the toad, is smart. He has a good plan. He says, ‘ lion sir, we have been walking since morning. We are very thirsty. Please let us drink some water first, then you can eat us.’
The lion gives them a glass of water and lies down under a tree. Soapy takes out the soap from his pocket and soaks it in the glass. He then rubs the soap on doapy and himself. There is a lot of foam. They become slippery. Then they begin to run.

The lion sees them running and runs after them. He catches the goat but ‘oops’, the goat slips away. He catches the toad but the toad also slips away. Soapy throws the pink foamy soap on the ground. The lion puts his foot on the soap. And do you know what happens? The lion slips and bangs his head against a tree. He cries loudly for help.
Doapy and soapy run fast. They see a boat near the river. they board the boat and row it fast to the other side.

Kids Stories With Moral

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