Moral Stories for Kids Class 3rd


At the Annual Day of school, prizes were given to the best performers. All the students were anxiously waiting to hear the name of the best student of the school. After some prizes for individual performances, the time came for the announcement of the best student. Finally Mayank’s name was announced as the best all round student of the year. All the student clapped loudly. There was a thunderous applause The students and teachers liked Mayank. He was a friend of everybody. He was good in studies, good in games and possessed good manners. He was an ideal student.

After the function was over, many students gathered around Mayank and congratulated him. One of his friends said, ‘All of us wish to be successful. We work hard. But people like you achieve success. What is the secret of your success?’ Mayank replied, careful planning and dividing time for each activity brings success. If we plan our day to day activities and act accordingly, success is sure.

short story on value of time


The secret of success is my mother. My mother taught me some golden rules when I was a small child. These rules shaped my life and made me what I am today.
These rules are:

Start your day with prayer, Pray to God for helping you in the Keep your body, mind and clothes clean. A clean mind thinks of clean work you do things.

Pay due respect to parents, teachers and elders. Follow their advice. They are the best guides.

Be punctual at everything you do. Never be late. It is better to be before time than to be late.


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 story on value of time


Never speak bad words. Speak well of others. Encourage your youngsters for their good deeds.

Follow good manners everywhere. Frequent use of ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’ and ‘Sorry’ makes you polite and loveable.

Obey the rules-in school, on road, in park or at home.

Fix your time for studies and games. Study seriously during the study time and play with zeal during the play time.

Be good, do good. Help others whenever they need and what you can do.

Admit your mistakes. Thank God for all He gave you in the day.

Mayank’s Friends listened carefully and said that they will also follow these rules,

One of the golden rules told by Mayank was ‘Time is precious. We should not waste time. Use every minute of the day in doing something good.

So, keep time for everything. That is a good habit. It will make you successful and shape you into becoming brilliant boys and girls.

Top 5 FAQ’s on Value of Time Story for Kids

1. Why is it important for children to learn about the value of time?
Teaching children about the value of time helps them develop respect for time and understand its finite nature. This awareness encourages children to use their time wisely, prioritize tasks effectively, and develop good habits around time management from a young age. Learning these skills early can positively impact their academic performance, personal relationships, and ability to manage responsibilities.

2. What are some key messages that stories about the value of time convey to children?
Stories that focus on the value of time often convey several important messages, including:

Time is precious: Emphasizing that time, once passed, cannot be regained.
Procrastination is a thief of time: Showing the consequences of delaying important tasks.
Planning and prioritization: Demonstrating how planning ahead can make activities more enjoyable and less stressful.
Quality time with loved ones: Highlighting the importance of spending time with family and friends.

3. Can you recommend some popular stories that teach kids about the moral value?

  1. “The Ant and the Grasshopper
  2. Short story on Value of Money
  3. The Coloured Jackal Story

4. How can parents and educators use stories to teach children about the value of time?
Parents and educators can use storytelling as a powerful tool to teach about the value of time by:

  • Reading stories together: Choose books that incorporate themes of time management and discuss the lessons with the child.
  • Creating engaging activities: Follow up with activities that reinforce the story’s messages, such as planning a schedule or setting up time-bound tasks.
  • Role modeling: Demonstrate the importance of valuing time in your own life, showing how to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively.

5. What are some activities that can accompany these stories to reinforce the value of time?
Activities that reinforce the lessons from time-related stories can include:

  1. Time capsules: Creating a time capsule that can be opened in the future helps children understand the long-term value of moments.
  2. Time management games: Games like setting timers for quick clean-ups or races to complete tasks can make time management fun.
  3. Crafts related to clocks and calendars: Building a paper clock or making a personal calendar can help children visualize and better manage their time.

These FAQs aim to guide parents and educators in using stories and activities to teach children about the effective and meaningful use of time, fostering skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.



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