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The Blue Jackal Story

With Questions and answers

The Blue Jackal story Questions and answers

Q. 1: Why did the animals think that the jackal was a king?
Ans.: The animals thought that the jackal was a king because he was blue in color.


Q. 2: How did the jackal become blue?

Ans.: The jackal became blue in color as he jumped into a big tub of blue dye.


Q. 3: What did the animals do when they saw the blue jackal?

Ans.: The animals bowed before him when they saw the blue jackal.


Q. 4: Why did the dogs feel scared when they saw the jackal?

Ans.: The dogs were scared because they thought that he was the real king.


Q. 5: How did the animals know that the king was just a jackal?

Ans.: One day, the blue jackal forgot that he was a king and started howling at the other jackals in the middle of the night. This made the animals found out that he was not a king but a jackal.

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The Blue Jackal Story Moral:-

  • The joy and comfort gained by deceit is not permanent
  • The age of lies does not last long and the truth never hides
  • No matter how much driver Bahupriya, but his pole is exposed
  • Truth Will Never Die

What does Tit For Tat Meaning?

Blow for blow is utilized to allude to a circumstance in which an activity or reprisal is identical to the activity that it is done in light of. The expression is frequently utilized with regards to a wrong being submitted against somebody who at that point does likewise or something comparative to the individual who did it to them, as in If you break my stuff, I break yours—it’s blown for blow.

The Blue Jackal Story

A hungry jackal wandered into a village. The dogs there followed him. The jackal ran to escape the dogs and fell into a blue-filled platter, and when he got out of there he was completely blue.

The jackal reached the forest painted in blue color. All the animals in the forest were very surprised to find him among them. He had never seen such a blue animal before.

The wolf was very happy to see this and he had a devilish thought in his mind that why not take advantage of this thing.

What was it then, the blue jackal sat on a very high rock and he said to all the animals, “God has made me and in particular I have been incarnated here to protect you all.” I am your caretaker.

You people have to continue to show me my respect. As a result, you will serve me daily by arranging food for me to show respect, respect, dedication, and love.

All the animals accepted his truth because he seemed to be a unique animal.

Then what was the wolf of the jackal started and just like the jackals started going through the fun every day? He used to get good food every day without doing anything.

But it is said that the age of falsehood is not very long and the truth is never hidden. One day, he heard some familiar voices. This was the sound of a mixed call of the jackals. For some time he forgot, now he is pretending to be the king of the jungle. He too started calling in his real jackal short story

His voice was the same as other jackals, listening to which all the animals of the forest were shocked. He understood the whole scene and his speech was broken. This is a complete fraudster. This has made us foolish for a long time, saying that Lion ran towards him to kill him. At the same time, the right animal’s elephant, giraffe, bear and others ran after him and they chased the jackal out of the forest. The blue jackal story questions and answers Class 2.

The Blue Jackal Story is also a result of the most favourite reaction based on The Principal of Tit For Tat 


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The Blue Jackal Story For Kids

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