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Yudhishtir and the Yaksha Moral Story

This is the story of the Pandavas when they were in the forest. One day they were very tired and thirsty. After looking for some time, they saw a banyan tree and decided to rest under it. Nakul, one of the Pandava brothers, decided to go in search of water.

He soon came to a pool, but just as he was about to drink water, a voice stopped him.

“Wait, O son of Madri!” the voice said. “You have to answer some questions first.” Nakul looked around for the source of the voice but could not see anyone. He ignored the warning and drank some water. Very soon, Nakul fell down unconscious.

Now, it was Sehdev’s turn. As he came looking for Nakul, he also tried to drink water and fell down, unconscious. Yudhishtir, who was the eldest of the Pandavas, then sent Arjun to look for his brothers.

Yudhishtir and the Yaksha Moral Story
Yudhishtir and the Yaksha Moral Story

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When Arjun reached the pool, he was shocked to see his brothers. But, feeling very thirsty, he immediately dipped his hands in the pool when a voice stopped
drink the heed to him. “Be patient, Arjun,” it said. “Answer my questions before you water of my pool.” Like his two brothers, Arjun too did not pay words.

He turned back to the pool, drank some water and also fell down unconscious.

When the Arjuna did not return, Yudhishtir sent Bheem to look for their missing brothers, Bheem reached the bank of the pool and saw his unconscious brothers. He was very angry and went towards the pool.

“Beware Bheemsen, don’t you dare touch the water!” said the voice. Bheem looked around and saw no one. So, he started drinking the water. As the fate

would have it, he too, fell down unconscious beside his brothers. Yudhisthir got upset when his four brothers did not come back.

He himself went to look for his missing brothers. He was socked to see the fate of his younger brothers. Beside the pool, were lying the bodies of his

brothers. Yudhishtir went down on his knees and wept. After some time,

Yudhishtir feeling thirsty, went into the pool and cupped his palms. “Wait, Yudhishtir,” the voice spoke. “Your brothers are lying unconscious because they ignored my words. You are wiser. You will have to answer my questions before drinking the water in my pool.”

“Ask me, “Yudhishtir said quietly.
“What is wisdom?” asked the voice.
“Wisdom is to realise the true nature of every element.”
“Who is a happy person?” the voice asked.
“The person who lives without any debts in his own home and survives on the simplest meal is happy,” Yudhishtir replied.
“What is the true path?” asked the voice.
“The road that great men follow is the true path,” replied Yudhishtir.

“What is patience?”
“Patience is to stick to the right path.”
“What favours or helps the traveller?”
“Learning favours the traveller,” answered Yudhishtir
“What is happiness?”
“Happiness comes from good conduct.”
“What does one have to quit so that he is loved by all?”
“One has to quit pride.”

“What should one lose in order to get joy and not sorrow?”
“One has to lose one’s anger.”
“What does a man have to give up in order to become rich?”
“Man has to give up desire.”

“What is the greatest wonder in the world?” asked the voice again.
“We see the creatures around us die every day. Still, we want to live forever.This is the greatest wonder in the world.”
“Thanks for answering me. I am pleased. In return, I shall make one of you your brothers come to life. Which one of your brothers would you choose?”
Yudhishtir thought for a moment. Then he replied, “I want my brother Nakul, to come back to life.”

“Why?” asked the voice.
“A son of Kunti lives in me. Therefore, it is only fair that a son of Madri
should live as well.” “Wonderful! I am really amazed to see your wisdom. You are a wise and just king.
I am not a Yaksha. I am Yama, the Lord of Death. I wanted to test you.

Yudhishtir and the Yaksha Moral of The Story:

“True virtue prevails through wisdom, humility, and unwavering righteousness.”

Vocabulary : Yudhishtir and the Yaksha:

Unconscious: (here) not awake
Cupped his palms: to form the palms into a cuplike shape
Heed: to pay attention to

Answer the following questions:

1. What did Nakul go in search of? What happened to him?
2. Why was Bheem angry?
3. Who was the wisest amongst the Pandavas?
4. What was Yaksha’s real identity? Why did he come to the forest of Advaita?
5. What happened to the Pandava brothers at last?

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FAQs on Yudhishtir and the Yaksha:

Q1: Who is Yudhishthira?

A1: Yudhishthira is the eldest Pandava brother in the Mahabharata, known for his righteousness.

Q2: What’s the story of Yudhishtir and the Yaksha?

A2: Yudhishthira faces a celestial Yaksha’s moral questions, showcasing his wisdom and values.

Q3: What’s a Yaksha?

A3: A Yaksha is a supernatural being in Indian mythology.

Q4: Why test Yudhishthira?

A4: The Yaksha tests his virtues and worthiness for blessings.

Q5: What were the questions of Yudhishtir and the Yaksha Moral Story?

A5: The Yaksha’s questions explore wonders, duty, time, power, and happiness.

Q6: Yudhishthira’s answers?

A6: His answers reveal his depth and adherence to righteousness.

Q7: Lessons learned?

A7: The importance of righteousness, wisdom, and ethical values.

Q8: After answering?

A8: The Yaksha grants his brothers’ revival.

Q9: Significance?

A9: Highlights Yudhishthira’s character and virtuous life’s rewards.

Q10: Modern relevance?

A10: Promotes ethical choices and virtues in contemporary challenges.

Yudhishtir and the Yaksha Moral Story


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