Brown Wolf By Jack London with QnA

Brown Wolf By Jack London With Question Answer

Brown Wolf story Questions Answers

Question 1: Why did Madge and Walt have to work so hard to win over the dog?

Answer: Madge and Walt needed to make a solid effort to prevail upon the canine since he was truly unsociable. He additionally didn’t permit them to contact him.


Question 2: In what way did Walt ensure that the dog would be returned to him whenever he ran away?

Answer: Walt appended a metal plate to the canine’s choker on which his location was composed. Thusly, Walt guaranteed that the canine would be gotten back to him at whatever point he fled.


Question 3: What did Madge and Walt notice about Wolf’s repeated disappearances? What did they guess from it?

Answer: Madge and Walt saw that each time the wolf vanished, he went toward the north course. They speculated that it was ‘Homing impulse’ a characteristic inclination that takes creatures or birds to their homes or unique living spots. Brown wolf questions and answers


Question 4: Who did Madge and Walt meet on the trail one day? Where had this person come from?

Answer: One day on the path, Madge and Walt met Skiff Miller. He had come from Klondike, a locale in North-Western Canada.

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Question 5: “You are on the right track,” says Madge. Who does she say this to? What is the right track?

Answer: Madge says this to Skiff Miller. The track or way which drove Skiff Miller to his sister Mrs. William Johnson’s home was the correct track…


Brown Wolf Questions & Answers
Question 6: How does Miller prove that Brown Wolf was his lead dog?

Answer: Dinghy Miller provided some order to the canine and he followed it by making a swinging go to one side and stopping loyally at the order. Along these lines, Miller demonstrated that Brown Wolf was his lead canine.

Question 7: He lifted one of Wolf’s forelegs and examined the footpads. Who is ‘he’? From Wolf’s behavior in the past, do you think that the dog would have let any stranger touch him like this? Why or why not?

Answer: He’ is Skiff Miller. From Wolf’s conduct before, the canine would not have let any more unusual touch him like this since he was disagreeable. As Skiff Miller was his lord along these lines, he permitted him to contact.

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Question 8: This was a new way of looking at it. What were they looking at? What was the new way?

Answer: They were taking a gander at the decision, likes and wants of the canine. The better approach for seeing it was whether the canine needed to remain with Walt and Madge or he needed to return with Miller.

Question 9: The man was evidently a humorist. What made Madge think this way about Skiff Miller? Was he really making a joke? Give reasons.

Answer: At the point when Miller was scouring the footpads of the canine, he yapped and it was interesting, he had at any point woofed. This made Madge think this route about Skiff Miller that he was clearly a humorist.

Question 10: This was a new way of looking at it and Miller was clearly debating about it in his mind. What was ‘it’? What do you think was going on in Miller’s mind? Why was he debating the matter?

Answer: No, he was not making a joke. He was the genuine expert of the canine whose name was ‘Earthy Colored’.

The summary of Brown wolf by Jack London

Question 11: Do you think Brown tried to tell Walt, Madge and Miller to stay together? What makes you say so?

Answer: Indeed, I figure Brown did so because when Miller was leaving that place, the canine followed him, gotten his hand between its teeth and attempted to stop him however fizzled. Neglecting to do as such, Brown dashed back to Walt and Madge, attempted to persuade them to follow Miller to stop him and not let him go. This makes us say as much.

Question 12: Do you think Brown made a firm decision in the end? How do you know?

Answer: Indeed, I suspect as much since when he began strolling on the path with Miller on his way back home, he not even once turned his head towards Walt and Madge.

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Brown Wolf story Question 13: Write True or False:

(a) Wolf kept running away from Walt and Madge’s home because he was very adventurous – False
(b) When the dog arrived at their cottage, Madge and Walt knew where he came from – False
(c) Wolf’s reaction to Skiff Miller tells us that he was a very friendly animal – False
(d) Madge wanted to give the dog a choice in the matter of staying or leaving because she hoped that he would choose to stay back with her and Walt – True
(e) Skiff Miller gave the dog various commands, which he obeyed, thus proving that he belonged to Skiff Miller – True

The summary of Brown wolf by Jack London

“Brown Wolf” is a short story by Jack London about a man named Henry who lives in the wilderness and raises a wolf cub, which he names Brown Wolf. The story follows their relationship as the wolf grows into an adult and begins to assert its wild nature. Despite Henry’s attempts to tame and domesticate the wolf, it eventually kills him and returns to the wild. The story explores themes of the power of nature and the dangers of trying to tame it. brown wolf class 6 summary

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