Crow and Snake story- Sleep Stories

Crow and Snake story- Sleep Stories

Crow and snake story in English. Father Crow and Mother Crow lived in a huge banyan tree nesting in them. They had been living there for many years and had many children. One day a big black snake came into a hole under a banyan tree and made his home in that hole. The crows did not want to make the snake their neighbor. But they could not do anything for it. After a few days, Mother Crow laid eggs and soon the crow’s children started growing up.

Father Crow and Mother Crow used to raise their children very carefully, but they had to go outside to bring food for the children. One day the crows went out in search of food. The snake living below saw them going and then did the snake climb the tree and eat the young crows. When Father Crow and Mother Crow returned, they were surprised not to find their young children.

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They did not know what had happened to them. They asked all the birds and animals in the neighborhood, but no one could tell them how their children disappeared. They kept crying for a long time and decided to keep a better watch on having children again.

Crow and Snake story

The Crows And The Black Snake Sleep Stories

Months passed. Mother Crow laid eggs and soon had children. This time the crows took more care of the children. One of them always stayed at home while the other went out to get food.
One day Mother Crow saw the snake coming over the tree. She screamed for help and tried her best to drive him away but she failed and this time also the snake ate the crows’ child.

Mother Crow started crying loudly. Several other crows joined him and all of them tried to attack the weeping snake. But the snake went into his hole before the crows could do him any harm. Even after Father Crow’s return, the crows were still weeping. He was also very sad when he heard the news that his child was not there.

He tried to console Mother Crow but was heartbroken. After thinking for some time, he said, “We must leave this place immediately. As long as the black snake stays here, we are not safe. We will go far, make our home somewhere else.” Father Crow was sad. “We have been living here for many years. It would be really sad to leave our house.” But, “Mother Crowe said,” Who will protect us from this evil black snake? “Father Crow replied,” Us One has to find some way to drive the snake away.

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We have our friend, the clever fox. He is intelligent. Let us sit down with him and consult to get out of this problem. “Mother Crow agreed. They both went to the old fox and told him what had happened.” Help us! “They cried.” We got this cruel snake. Save from or else we will have to leave our house and go away. The clever fox thought for a while and then said, “You don’t have to leave your house. You have been living there for many years. The Crows And The Black Snake In Hindi

Crow and snake story in English

We have to find a way to get rid of this snake. I think I can help you. If I tell you the way to do it exactly then it is very likely that the snake will be killed. Now listen to me. Tomorrow morning the ladies of the royal palace will go to the river for their bath then they will keep their Jewellery and clothes on the river bank before getting into the water. Their servants, from a distance, will keep an eye on those valuables.

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“You have to go there and find out where they keep their jewels. When no one is nearby, one of you has to go and pick up the necklace or any other valuable ornaments and fly away. At the same time, you will have a loud voice. You also have to do it so that the servants see you and they will follow you to get it back. You have to fly straight from the banyan tree and drop the ornament into the snake hole. “Crow and snake story

Crow and snake story in English

The crows agreed to do what the fox told them.
The next morning they went to the river bank and waited. The women of the royal palace used to leave their jewels and clothes in the riverbank before going into the river, and just as the fox had said, the crows saw the jewelry. He saw a pearl necklace among them. Mother Crow flew, picked up the necklace and flew away. Father Crow followed him, shouting all the way.

The servants saw the crow losing and ran after him. The crows went straight into the hole where the black snake lived and Mother Crow dumped the necklace into it.
The servants tried to take it out with a long stick. The snake came out with defeat. The snake got upset and spread its fun. The servants surrounded the snake and beat him to death. After the snake died, he went out with the necklace.

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Crow and snake story summary

Father Crow and Mother Crow were overjoyed because the snake had been punished for it and the snake had died. He was very grateful to the fox because he no longer needed to leave his house and go away with his suggestion. Moral Hindi Story.

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