The Nightingale Moral Story for Class 5

The Nightingale Moral Story

Once upon a time, there lived a great Emperor in China. His palace had the most beautiful garden in the world. This beautiful garden ended near a dense forest. In this garden, lived a nightingale on one of the trees. It sang very sweetly. Every passerby was forced to stop and hear her song.

Travelers from all over the world came there to admire the Emperor’s palace and his garden. And when they heard the sweet song of the Nightingale, they said, “This is the best of all!” Soon the Emperor heard about the Nightingale. He said, “What is this? I know nothing of any Nightingale. Is there really such a bird in my empire? And even in my garden? I command to bring the bird to my palace and make it sing before me!”

The Nightingale Moral Story for Class 5
The Nightingale Moral Story

But no one knew where the Nightingale lived. At last, a poor little girl in the royal kitchen said, “I know where the Nightingale lives! It lives in the forest. It sings melodiously.

When I am tired, I rest under the trees and listen to the Nightingale’s sweet song. Its singing makes me forget everything.”

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So, the little girl went into the forest where the Nightingale sang and half the court followed her.
After walking a long distance, the girl stopped near a tree and pointed at a little grey bird. “This is the Nightingale,” she said softly. Everyone looked up and said in disappointment, “No, it can’t be possible. How dull it looks.”!

The Nightingale Moral Story
The Nightingale Moral Story


“Little Nightingale” said the little girl, “our Emperor wants you to sing before him.” The Nightingale replied, “My song sounds best in the forest, but I will come to the palace for the Emperor.” So, the Nightingale went to the palace. The Emperor looked at the bird and ordered it to sing.

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The Nightingale sang so melodiously that the Emperor had tears in his eyes. He ordered that the Nightingale remain at his palace. The Nightingale was kept in a golden cage and given the best food to eat.

Soon the bird was famous in the whole city. When two people met, one said “Knighting,” and the other said “gale.” This way it became a way of greeting.

One day, the Emperor received a parcel marked, “The Nightingale.” When he opened it, he was surprised to see a golden Nightingale. There was a golden key lying beside it. The Emperor turned the key several times and it started singing a beautiful song. Several times it sang the same tune and yet was not tired.
But where was the living Nightingale?

No one noticed that it had flown away No one even bothered as they had the best bird after all.. The golden bird was made to sing again and again until everyone knew its tunes by heart. The whole year went by. One day, the emperor fell ill. In his illness he wanted to hear a melodious song. “Music !” he said, “Golden bird,

Your song will make me well again.”

But the bird stood still. It was worn out and no music was left in it. Everyone tried but the golden bird could not sing. Suddenly, from the windows, the most lovely song was heard. It was the little lively Nightingale that sat outside on a tree. It had heard of the Emperor’s illness and had come to sing for him.

It sang the most beautiful song. As it sang, the Emperor felt better.

“Thanks!” said the Emperor. “You must always stay with me.”

“No,” replied the Nightingale. “I cannot live in a palace. I will come here on the tree near the window and sing for you. But you must promise me something.”

“Anything for you!” said the Emperor.

“Let not any bird live in a cage,” said the Nightingale. The Emperor replied “As you wish!” .The Nightingale flew away happily. The Nightingale Moral Story for Class 5

The Nightingale Moral Story : Summary

The Nightingale Moral Story Vocabulary [Difficult Words]

1 Nightingale: a small bird known for its beautiful song.
2 Melodiously: in a sweet voice.
3 Worn out: something that is so old and damaged that it cannot be used any more.
4 Passer- by: a person who passes someone or something.

The Nightingale Moral Story Question Answer

1 Whose palace has the most beautiful garden in the world?
2 Where did the Nightingale live?
3 Why did every Passer-by stop near the garden?
4 Who knew about the Nightingale?
5 What happened when one day the emperor fell ill?
6 How did the emperor feel better?

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