Akbar Birbal Short Stories: Foolish Man

Foolish Man Akbar Birbal Short Stories

Akbar Birbal Short Stories. Emperor Akbar was an amiable king. But there were very few people who enjoyed a special status with their Majesty. Akbar had high regards for Birbal- who was one of the wisest and quick-witted of his courtiers. King Akbar always counted on Birbal for advice on important matters.

One day, after settling a case, Akbar sat down with Birbal in his court. In Birbal’s company, the King lost count of time. The chit chat started on a simple note.

Akbar asked, “How are the people in the country? Are they happy? Birbal nodded in the affirmative.

“Is there enough rain in the country?” asked Akbar.

“There is ample rain. The surplus food in the country is witness to that, Your Majesty!” replied Birbal.

Foolish Man Akbar Birbal Short Stories

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“What do the people think about my rule? Asked the King next.

“They feel you’re a just and generous king. Your liberal attitude has gained the respect of people.”

Akbar birbal short stories. Akbar smiled and continued, “Birbal, one of my comrades boasts of many learned men in his country. He says there are hardly any foolish men in his kingdom,” stated Akbar. Birbal listened.

Akbar paused for a moment and asked, “Birbal, what is the difference between a learned man and a foolish man?”

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Birbal replied, “Yes, Your Majesty! I do know the difference between the two. A learned man uses his brains when he is in trouble. He does not lose control of the situation. He’s the master of his mind.”

“Who, then, is a foolish man, Birbal?” asked Emperor Akbar. “Your Majesty! A foolish man is one who handles the situation badly. He does not use his brains. He messes the job or makes the situation worse,” replied Birbal.

Emperor Akbar had expected Birbal to say ‘a learned man is one who is educated and an uneducated person is a foolish man!’

Birbal clever answer reaffirmed his special place in Emperor Akbar’s heart.

Foolish Man Akbar Birbal Short Stories

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