Peter Pan Story For Kids With Moral

Peter Pan Story For Kids

Not very far away, in the city of London, there was a family called Darling. The Darling household was always filled with joy and laughter. The Darlings had three lovely children, two sons and a daughter. The daughter named Wendy was the eldest child in the family. Her two younger brothers were named John and Michael respectively. They had a pet dog named Nana, whom they loved very dearly.

Every night Mrs. Darling narrated bedtime stories to her lovely children. However, they did not know that every night Peter Pan, who lived in Neverland, hid behind their bedroom window listening to Mrs. Darling’s stories.

One night, Mrs. Darling was narrating a story as usual. Suddenly the window opened. A strangely dressed boy came in. He was accompanied by a tiny light. Mrs. Darling cried out in fright, “Who’s there?”

At once, Nana rushed into the nursery and ran towards the boy. Peter Pan escaped but his shadow was caught between Nana’s teeth. Mrs. Darling took the shadow and kept it carefully in a drawer.

A few days later, the Darlings went out to a dinner party leaving their three children at home. After Wendy had tucked her younger brothers John and Michael in bed, she went to read a book.

She heard a boy sobbing outside her window. She peeped through the window and saw a boy. He was crying. There was a little fairy fluttering around him.

Peter Pan Story For Kids

Wendy opened the window to talk to him. “Hello! Who are you? Why are you crying? “Asked Wendy.” I lost my shadow; I have come to find it. Nana took it from me the other night as I was secretly listening to your mother’s stories, “said Peter Pan. Peter Pan Story For Kids

“Don’t worry. Come inside,” said Wendy. “My shadow is hidden somewhere in the room. Help me find it, please, “said Peter Pan. Hearing the whisper, the children woke up. Wendy found the shadow.

She took Peter Pan’s shadow and sewed it to his shoe tips. “Now your shadow will follow you, “said Wendy. He was delighted! “Thank you so much! Why don’t you come with me to my home, the Neverland? I live there with my fairy, Tinker Bell, “said Peter Pan.

“Oh! What a wonderful idea! Could you teach us how to fly? “Asked Wendy. ” Yes! Of course! We will all fly, “said Peter Pan.

Peter Pan sprinkled some of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust over the children and told them to focus on the happy thoughts. “Now you can fly! ” exclaimed Peter Pan . Suddenly they were all soaring through the sky of London, heading directly towards Neverland. Peter Pan Story For Kids

As they flew among the fluffy clouds over the boundless sea, Peter Pan told them about the Never land , his homeland , ” A faraway place , where the sun always shines , the sky is always blue and no one ever grows old . There are golden rainbows, blue waterfalls and mermaids singing in a Lagoon. There are beaches and deep forests that is where I live with lost boys as their captain, with fairies and pirates. Peter Pan Story For Kids

“” Peter further let Wendy know that he had taken off from home the day he was conceived in light of the fact that he would have rather not adult like his folks needed him to .

“An extremely mean privateer called Captain Hook continues to inconvenience everybody on the island , ” Peter Pan told the kids” Captain Hook? “Johnwondered.

“Yes, a crocodile bit off his one arm. So the captain had to put a hook in its place. Since then he is afraid of crocodiles and rightly so! If the crocodile ever finds Captain Hook, it will eat up the rest of what it couldn’t eat the last time,” said Peter Pan. ” ” Peter Pan Story For Kids

Soon, they landed on the island. Peter Pan led them in through a small opening in a tree. Inside the tree was a large room with children inside it.

Some were huddled by the fire in a corner and some were playing amongst themselves. Their faces lit up after they noticed Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and their guests. “Hey anybody, this is Wendy, John and Michael. They are staying with us from now on, “informed Peter Pan .All the children said ‘ Hello ‘ to them.

After A few days passed and they settled into a routine. Wendy would take care of all the children in the day and went out with Peter Pan and her brothers in the evening to learn more about the island. She would cook food and stitch new clothes for them. She even made a lovely new dress for Tinker Bell.

One evening, as they were out exploring the island, Peter Pan warned everyone, “Hide ! Hide ! Pirates ! They have kidnapped the Indian Princess, Tiger Lily. They’ve kept her tied up by the rocks, near the water. “Peter tried to rescue Tiger Lily. He hurled instructions at the pirates who guarded the Princess in a voice that sounded like Captain Hook’s,“Youfool! Let her go at once! Do it before I come there or else I will throw each one of you into the water. Peter Pan Story For Kids

“Scared, the pirates immediately released the Princess. She quickly dived into the water and swam to safety. When Captain Hook found out how Peter had tricked his men, he was furious and swore to have his revenge.

That night, Wendy told Peter Pan that she and her brothers wanted to go back home since they missed their parents. She said, “If the lost children could also return to her world, they could find nice homes for them.

“Peter Pan didn’t want to leave Neverland . So he decided to stay there only. But he was sad as he would miss his dear friends. Peter Pan Story For Kids

The next morning, all the lost children left with Wendy, John and Michael. But on the way, Captain Hook and his men kidnapped all of them. He tied all the children and kept them on one of his ships. As soon as Peter found out about it, he rushed to the ship. He swung himself from a tree branch and jumped on to the deck of the ship where all the children were tied up.

He bravely fought and killed all the pirates who tried to stop him. Quickly, he released everyone. Wendy, John, Michael and Tinker Bell helped all the children into the water, where their friends from the Indian camp were ready with small boats to take them to safety.

Peter Pan now went looking for Captain Hook. “Let us finish this forever, Hook!” shouted Peter Pan. “Yes! Peter Pan, you have brought me enough hardship. It is time that we finish this, “thundered Captain Hook.

With his blade drawn, he hustled towards Peter Pan. Sharp witted, Peter Pan moved to one side and drove Hook into the ocean where the crocodile was holding on to eat the remainder of Hook. Everybody celebrated as Captain Hook was out of their lives perpetually. It was time for the lost boys to return with Wendy, John and Michael. All of them said their goodbyes to Peter and flew away. Everybody headed back to London.

Peter Pan Story For Kids

Mrs. and Mr. Darling were extremely happy to get their children back and gladly adopted the lost boys. “We have missed you so much,” said Mrs. Darling with tear filled eyes. Though Peter had not come with them he often came to meet them.

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