The Farmer and the Sparrows Story

The Farmer and the Sparrows

Mani ram was a poor farmer. He worked from dawn to dusk in his corn fields.
Amongst the crops in the field, a sparrow had built a nest. She roosted in the nest. One day she laid two eggs. Soon, the eggs hatched and two pretty little baby sparrows came out.
The little sparrows lived with their mother happily.

Days passed by and the harvesting season fast approached. The corns were ripe. Everywhere people started their harvests.
The little sparrows asked their mother, ‘Mummy! Do we have to fly away now?’
Mother sparrow replied, ‘not so soon babies! The farmer is not ready,’

The Farmer and the SparrowsThe Farmer and the Sparrows
One day, they heard Mani ram saying, ‘I must call my neighbors and make them do the harvest.’

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The little sparrows became restless and asked,’ Mummy! Shall we fly away tonight?’ Mother said, ‘No not so soon babies. The farmer won’t make it,’ the words of Mother Sparrow came true. The neighbors did not turn up the next day.

The second time they heard Mani ram saying,’ I will call my relatives and make them do the harvest.’
This time also the young once eagerly wanted to fly away. But mother Sparrow asked them to stay calm. Once again, the words of their mother came true. Nothing happened.
Now, the third time they finally heard Mani ram saying, ‘It’s getting very late for the harvest, tomorrow I will do it all by myself.’

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On hearing these words, Mother Sparrows said, ‘come my children. It is time for us to leave this field and find a safer place,’ the little sparrows were excited to fly away; soon they all left the corn field.
Mother sparrow was right, the next morning Mani ram harvested his crop…. All by himself!

The Farmer and the Sparrows-Moral Of the Story

We should not depend on others to complete our works. Whenever we depend on others we always fail. So if you have any dream in your life, never depend on others to fulfill that dream. You will never be successful.

“The Farmer and the Sparrows-Self Help Is Best Help”

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